5 Steps Out of This Body


I crack like shell,
bud promises I never made
and grow like flower overnight,
stretch towards the brightest thing
            without conscious thought of
            what moves me to do
            anything at all.


By being I mimic Being
something like perfect chaos,
a new form like a new year fire show
for a party free from idols,
            or rather ridden with them
            in the gods of fresh things.


A mercurial frisbee, I spin
so fast I take flight, burn bright
move faster still,
            this place is a blur below
            an impressionist’s daydream
            along with my skin
            left like wrapping on the floor
            ready to be recycled.


I move slower now,
slow like knee-deep in syrup
possums licking my thighs,
            took it as a compliment
            to be mistaken for something


If I do this again
make me coral,
            I’ll tickle tummies
            and throw sex to the sea.

-Jaymi-Lee Miller