See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

There’s a yellowed Polacolor photo
of me and two of my three
sisters standing in front of a 60s-shaped car,
wearing identical goldenrod-yellow
dresses hemmed with rows of blood
red rickrack. Three wise monkeys:
my hands plaited over my stomach,
one sister with soldier-straight arms at her sides,
the other with hands hidden behind her back.
They wear white knee socks
and ribbons in their hair.
My socks are red,
my ribbon missing,
or never there.

Three Sisters

From here I can see
the Three Sisters.
A kilometre
or two, it’s hard to tell.
Distances can be deceiving.
And I think of
my three sisters.
half a world away, too many
kilometres to contemplate.
Sometimes I can’t help but feel
they are close in ways other
than distance.
            I watch them
and think that with time
and determination
I can see them up close.
For now, I will forward a photo,
tell them they are redoubled.

– Laura Kenny