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Kimberly Anne has been writing since she first stumbled into the refuge of Mic Check Poetry in Bryan, Texas, circa 2010. Currently residing in Houston, Texas, she writes a lot about mental illness, grief, love, and various traumas. She has been published on Thought Catalog a time or two, and will be featured in the second issue of Fifteen13 Press. You can find her ranting on Twitter @lordkimmander or more of her work at but really, she’s just happy to be here, and alive.

Rasy Bayu writes at

Mark Bouchard –  I’m a fourth year undergrad/MAPH student at UChicago writing a critical thesis on mental illness in superhero comics, and a creative thesis that’s essentially just a graphic novel in the same vein. I’m 21 years old, and run UChicago’s open mic (Lion & the Slam) and participate as a performance poet in The Underground Collective. I write comic books, poems, and hang out with my tiny dog, Juicebox.

Frances Carleton is a Canberra, based counsellor, Lego minifigure enthusiast and poet.  After years of writing only business reports and essays she is now focusing her creativity by writing down the thoughts that cross her mind when out bush walking with her chihuahua.  Her poems have appeared in Eucalypt (a Tanka journal), Atlas Poetica: A Journal of World Tanka, and ‘Poems to Wear’ by Amelia Fielden.

Andrew Galan is an internationally published poet and co-producer of renowned poetry event BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!. Described by reviewers as ‘riddled with satire’, his poetry is gut, direct, and imagination and reality meeting to eat and fight. Showcased at events including the Woodford, National Folk and Queensland Poetry festivals, and Chicago’s Uptown Poetry Slam, his verse appears in journals such as the Best Australian Poems, Jet Fuel Review and Cordite. That Place of Infested Roads (Life During Wartime) – KF&S Press, 2013 – is his first book. His latest is For All The Veronicas (The Dog Who Staid) – Bareknuckle Books, 2016.

Matt Hetherington was once a dog, but he doesn’t know when.  He likes to clean things when they need it.  His latest book is ‘For Instance’.

Stephen Lin was recently voted the third best poet in Pittsburgh which is an awful surprise to spring on the unsuspecting.  He is 23 years old and finishing his BA in Poetry at the University of Pittsburgh.  His first book of poetry was self-published and embarrassing.

Annie McQuade– I am a Fleetwood Mac loving college student who loves poems almost as much as I love coffee, which is a lot. I’d like to save the world one day, or at least try to.

Regi Mendoza– My name is Regi and I can safely say that I, too, am a ghost who haven’t yet fallen out of their bodies (or somewhat in the process of doing so). Speaking with all honesty, writing was something I used to loathe/get scared of. I used to think I can never express my thoughts right, and I always tend to think, “Why even bother if i’ll end up writing something mundane anyways?”. However, due to the need of getting good grades in English at school (and most definitely, due to character development and self-assurance), I have learnt how to let it be. Rather than letting myself feel intimidated by words, I’ve learnt how to befriend them. I am also an emotionally volatile person, so that plays a huge part in my writing process.

Victoria Prescott is from San Antonio, TX, & living in Austin. She writes a lot about keeping her Lebanese/Syrian grandmothers alive, San Antonio, mental health, and honey. She thanks you for listening and hopes her poems are helpful to you.

Tilly Ramsay– I am an Arts Student who studies International Politics and sells fruit on the weekends. I enjoy nashi pears, daydreaming and drinking cold beer on hot days.