We are riding bikes through a sea-salt drenched sky
Past the lighthouse and the surf club you were never a part of
Past all of the people and the feelings that I thought were like me
Past all of the the seasons and the years that seem to merge together

You take me to your grandmother’s beach house
But we don’t have a car
So we catch a train and a bus
We are reading and you hold my hand

You show me the cave where homeless people sometimes sleep
And I am scared
But not too scared

I tell you how scared I am of the world
Of all of my strange thoughts
I don’t know where I’m going

I tell you I love you
And you watch the tide roll in and smile
You tell me you bought a girl down here once and almost had sex with her
But you didn’t have much in common

We watch One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest because you have never seen it
Afterwards you say that the lobotomy scene makes you feel weird

We pretend to be adults
But don’t know how to cook very well
How strange it all is
The feeling that life is just beginning

-Tilly Ramsay