mulberry ?!

mulberries, my mom picks
you off the stems unripe,
unsweetened, it’s mother’s day
(that’s irrelevant to this entry), i
think of you when i listen to allday and i
keep coming back to your
hillside inclines, ascent, the roadside
trailer, your front yard and
the valley it overlooks, i reassure
i love him and i do, there’s still
leftovers after departures, mulberry!
you were seasonal harvest over-picked, this
is mileage,          (soon enough)
overgrown, wild, untended,
but sweet,
sweet mulberry, i tell you now,
you’d know they’re the best kind,
raw and unworn you know the soil,
re-turned, were you micronutrient constituents?
were you prerequisites, fertilizing?
were you preparation,
you’d know, i’m sure,
crisp and clean in all your green,
in your bloodshed, spines with red, let me
tell you what you already know,
overhead thicket, again,
raw and unworn and gosh mulberry,
aren’t they the best kind?


please come home from work

regional boys with
strong mother figures and a
love for warmth like rothko:
yellow-orange-yellow-light orange,
sunshine, solar paneled roof tiles and “yeah,
my parents are really into gardening”
four months into an accidental venn diagram, compare contrast, double columns
“you and my sister would get along well” duplicated, reverb into ear canals.
second midnight fight under southern skies,
the starlight! strained larynx / light sighs
my father lets me sleep in the same bed as my lover now. a handover on
hardwood patios over marlboro, with the earl grey
it’s man to man, this conversation
there is no child shaking in the verandah anymore but your mother does your car insurance for you and calls up the tour agents for discounts it’s easier.
intricate lamp fittings
love like warmth and solid timber

– Rasy Bayu