Carpets like me

I want to do with carpets anything that I can
with all the instruments that exist
so no one can do anything with carpets
in the coming 100 years

Carpets may seem mundane and trivial
but they carry with them implicit beliefs and world views
carpets carry
implicit beliefs and world views

Carpets remind us that seemingly immutable institutions can be radically altered
especially the foyers

Carpets think wider than their grandmothers did
because they have passed a border in their minds

Carpets are very flexible and can easily mix past and present
but there are clashes between generations

Carpets are shamans and shamans have always brought something into society
something society doesn’t need

One’s connection with carpets depends on one’s own cultural context
for example, where you stand on carpets

I want carpets to have been
fundamentally stripped of meaning and world views.
Carpets now have been
fundamentally stripped of meaning and world views

Before I was only thinking about doing something with carpets

But now I have been listening

  • This carpet wants to read all the scrolls arriving from the ships
  • This carpet wonders what wonders were in the Books of Berossus
  • This carpet’s frustrated when making elaborate scale models
    – because it’s got no hands
  • This carpet wants someone to buy it a stiff straight whiskey

“You have fallen into a trap”

No way!
You think I’ve fallen into a trap, I’ve written for Overland
because I’m a subscriber and I think Nick Cave is a misogynist
because his characters are all misogynists
I can deconstruct Western-values- all of them- all through carpets

  • The known world’s over and this carpet wants me to do a workshop about scything
    on a dark mountain, it says please bring cash

So I’ll find my own way out, I’ll find my own carpets, I’ll weave my own carpets
cut my carpets, lay
I’ll lay my own carpets. Because
because I want carpets, carpets like me

– Andrew Galan

Author note: Carpets like me is an ekphrastic response to ‘Faig Ahmed’ by Nastia Voynovska, Hi-Fructose Vol. 34 2015