Lino Anunciacion is a Texas-Transplant poet from Florida. Currently an English undergrad at Texas A&M University. He has self published two books, “The Ocean is Hell & Heaven” and “The Light Bringers.” His latest book “In the Dark Spots.” has been published by TCU undergraduate English publishing journal. He performs the duty of Community Outreach officer for Mic Check Poetry. He is blessed to be the co-founder of Fifteen13 Press, and Mic Check 2016 Slam Champion.  He has a small obsession with blurry lights, talks too much with his hands, and is deathly afraid of deep water. Find him on Twitter @lighthousing_

Natalie Catalan is a poet, student, mass consumer of all things potato based and winner of QPF’s SlammED 2015. Nurtured by only the warmest of smiles nestled in the crooks of her high school, her romance with writing ignited after watching a bearded man talk about his feeling when she was 15. Once only for assignments, she now writes to turn hazy things solid and solid things hazy—a cycling of dreams, a way to keep things that can’t quite be held. More of her work can be found at

Stephanie Chan (more commonly known as Stephanie Dogfoot) is from Singapore and has lived in the US and the UK. She has won national poetry slams in Singapore and the UK and has performed her work around Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. She is in a feminist spoken word troupe called the Sekaliwags and currently helps to run the Singapore Story Slam, a poetry night called SPEAK and an annual LGBTQ literary night called Contradiction. She likes bicycles, strange-looking mammals, bodies of water, and birds that congregate in grassy patches on street corners. You can find out what she is up to at or on twitter @stephdogfoot

Madeleine Dale is an emerging poet based in Brisbane, where she lives with her recently completed honours thesis and a selection of house plants. Her work has previously been published in Jacaranda and Uneven Floor.

lauren elma frament is a writer and restless soul living in Manchester, NH. A Pushcart Prize nominee, her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Maudlin House, Vagabond City Lit, The Fem, Alien Mouth, Pear Drop, The Legendary, and Wyvern Lit, among others. She has not let anyone cut her bangs since 2005.

Alain Ginsberg (they/them) is an agender writer and performer from Baltimore City, MD whose work focuses on narratives of gender identity, sexuality, and trauma. They have performed across the country in concerts, poetry slams, and at colleges and their work is featured or forthcoming from Drunk In A Midnight Choir, Black Heart Magazine, Beltway Quarterly, and elsewhere. Their aspirations are many, but Alain dreams most of finding a thick bed of moss to sleep under for 700 years, or at least until they can afford to take care of a dog.

Matt Hetherington was once a dog, but he doesn’t know when.  He likes to clean things when they need it.  His latest book is ‘For Instance’.

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend. One day, she is going to be an ideas curator. Which basically means, she will tell you exactly what she thinks. Until then, you’ll have to read between the lines.

Paulie Lipman is a Jewish/Queer/Writer out of Denver, CO. He has toured the U.S. extensively (and a little bit of Canada) performing poetry. He is the voice of Neal Cassady in the documentary ‘Neal Cassidy: The Denver Years’, is a two time National Poetry Slam finalist, has had work appear in The Legendary, Radius, Borderline, Drunk In A Midnight Choir, The Write Bloody Publishing anthologies ‘The Good Things About America’, ‘We Will Be Shelter’. and the University Of Hell anthology ‘We Can Make Your Life Better.’

Bill Moran is a second-year MFA poetry candidate at Louisiana State University and a former medic. He was the 2012 & 2013 Austin Poetry Slam Champion, president of non-profit Mic Check, and has performed and taught poetry internationally. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Button Poetry (video), Phoebe, Bird’s Thumb, Next Left Press, FreezeRay Press, The Dead Animal Handbook, LUX, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, and his first full-length release, co-authored with Simon Kindt, is now available through Alien Mouth. He appreciates your concern and well-wishes, but swears he is okay. Really.

Rosie Noakes is a writer living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is currently completing a Doctorate of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She has presented her work at the Brisbane Writers Festival and the Woodford Folk Festival, and has written for Voiceworks and Social Alternatives. Her greatest achievement is forging a Pokemon team made entirely of Eevee’s evolutions. To steal from Rushdie, Rosie is a bad poet, and as such, a born survivor.

Hai Xia is a real human poet from Brisbane. She writes poetry so people can call her issues art.

Nyein Way is a contemporary (conceptual/post-conceptual) experimental poet, writer, performance artist, and educator. He has published seven poetry books, including: Words and Tree (2004); Gaganana (2010); Anamataga (2011); Pattalar: Xylophone (2013); Total Poetry (2015); A handbook For Para-nothingness (2015); A Post-Conceptual Dictionary (bi-lingual) (2015) & coming in September, 2016 “Wittgenstein’s Lab: Biopsy Of Silence  & a poetics book”, “GRAPHICS POETICS & THE FOURTH MIND”. Other books include the educational publication Classroomology (1999), and poetry volumes of Conceptual Poetics and a Contemporary Poet (2008), and Nakanpadi – A Book of 21st Century New Poetics (2013). He is also a contributor to an encyclopedia of Asian Theatre, published by Greenwood Publishing House, New York, and edited by Professor Sam Leiter. Some of his poems-series “EVENTS” are in the 2016 June Issue of Tripwire: Journal Of Poetics, Oakland, CA, USA. His writing “UNcreative Manifesto”was published by “NO” PRESS in Canada in 2005. His writings can be reached at His writing “Treatise On Poetry” is included in the forthcoming WrICE anthology book “The near & The Far” by SCRIBE PUBLICATION which will be debuted on September 4, 2016 at Melbourne Writers Festival 2016 in Australia.

Mollie Yang is an actor, physical theatre performer and writer based in Melbourne. She is also completing a Psychological Science Degree. She loves coffee and giant squid. You can find more of her words on her blog