Dirty Talk

“I could kiss you if you wanted.
Yeah, only if you wanted.
Yes, I could.
What? Well. Uh. Lots of things.

Place my lips upon the nook of your neck, inside your crevices and shirt creases. 

Bend buckles with my tongue. 

Keep you warm with my limbs and sing into hair so you fling fear into the ether and pull me close with those clumsy fingers.

What else? Uh.
Hold weight with mine. Lick salt from your teeth. Touch grains of sand falling from your laughter.
Feed your soul with my mouth. Listen to the sounds your ears make.

It’s not gross.
It isn’t!
I could kiss you. Laugh and eat sushi with you. Roll in high grass. Dance.

Yeah, I miss you too.”

– Mollie Yang