“”A Six-Line-Silk-Lyre-life-Form””

(L.1) A data enthnographic awareness on body in a line in a sensation in a concept in a liberated being

(L.2) A nyeinwayed nothingness in a frontal nerve zone

(L.3) Questionless thoughts marching towards non -walking subjects

(L.4) The mountains are restless in compositional choice of a Gertrude
Steinian analysis

(L.5) The Beckettian silence collides and pennicillinizes through the
penetration of Hegel’s dialectical Geist, pointing towards trialectical
third space; a Sojaian* finding

(L.6) Energy lighter than light & faster than might

*Edward Soja’s concept of the third space and Trialectic (1996)

– Nyein Way