i’m walking through a haunted house in baton rouge and can’t keep my big mouth shut:

(after “Eeyore” by Slipknot lol)

‘cause i saw something five years ago and now i’m
a deathexpert so i pull the actor aside mid-scene and
give him notes: ok so that artery bleed looks great:
very scary: but i’ve seen this before, and your
version looks too, uhhh, right: if you’re going for
realism, scene’s gotta look off: hasty: like, you
wouldn’t hold onto the gun: you’re too surprised ya
know?: it was louder than you thought: leave it on
the floor like ten feet back ’cause you tripped: also,
it doesn’t take the whole head off: three quarters,
sure, but leave a cheek: offer it to the floor for a
kiss, think ‘southern belle’ like in the movies: ok,
ass up to god: the dead aren’t easily embarrassed
but they would be: lose the plain white tee: this has
to be american: yeah a football jersey but not a
local team, humans aren’t that simple and ‘saints’ is
too overt: or fuck what i said and kill yourself
different yeah get off the couch moonlight as a
medic see some shit bottle it up casually abuse
alcohol and disappoint your family for ohh five
years? and then let it all out at once and don’t ever
stop talking: yeah that would be really real: huh?:
i’m holding up the line?: oh you’re trying to make a
living? who the hell am i?: well i used to be a medic
now i’m One Long Howl thanks for asking: hey
christ dude i’m trying to help: na you go to hell:
yeah yeah fuck off i’m not going anywhere: hey you
don’t scare me dead guy: yeah yeah you can’t touch
me it’s the law asshole: i don’t give a shit man i
don’t signify shit man i got no words and i won’t
shut up: i am the Great Big Mouth & oh my god i
howl for ever and ever hahahahaha and i go home
and listen to deathmetal and drink till i black out
and talk in my sleep if anything to keep my mouth
busy: if i don’t use it i’m not alive: i’m scared: i’m
tired: i wanna die: i don’t wanna die: some nights i
turn my headlights off on country roads or: i write
this shitty poem all over again and don’t know how
to end it or: i turn my houselights off and run from
room to room to room in pitch black and don’t slow
down or:

– Bill Moran