( hercules imagines ghosts / and snow is only snow )

– danny tall

i imagine hercules would have been the type to travel heavy.
with suitcase stuffed with books and three contrasting drafts

of his life story (drowned in each). would have been the type
to leave copies in tokyo hotels like traces of the dna that

weighed him down. would have walked the trail to koyasan,
felt snowflakes falling on his face, melting in his eyes,

and sensed something moving in the clockwork.
would have watched the pilgrims, coiled in white,

planting their staves in the snow and wondered at the little bells,
the amulets (to ward off ghosts? or bears? or the mind?)

would have stood under cedars in the cemetery,
imagined disappearing and wondered

if there could be another way to be born.
whether anything about him was what the body meant.