pressure gauge is a journal published quarterly featuring  poetry, prose, music, audio and art.

submissions are accepted at 
please include ‘journal submission’ in the email subject line and include your submission
as an attached document or file

submission conditions:

  1. send up to 3  pieces (poems, short prose, audio files, video files, images) as attachments to your submission. a short bio is appreciated but not required.
  2. pressure gauge prefers work that has not been previously published elsewhere (we don’t intend to piss off other journals) but will happily accept work that has been published in a personal capacity (self published, private blog, social media).
  3. pressure gauge’s editors are a diverse, diasporic group of ghosts and prefer to be referred to collectively as the editors; both in your submissions, and at home when they think no one else can hear.
  4. pressure gauge does not currently offer payment for published work. we’d like to but at the moment, we have no income stream. if you’re a potential rich benefactor that can provide said income stream, you should contact us.
  5. pressure gauge does not claim sole publishing rights to submissions. if we accept your work for publication in pressure gauge we encourage you to seek further avenues for that work’s publication.