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The top story in Newsweek magazine today: “What The #1 Story in the Country Should Be About.”

The headline reads, “What’s Happening Now?

The #2 Story in The Country.”

That story, by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, was originally written for an online version of the magazine in March.

It now appears on Newsweek’s website, where it is titled, “The First Story of The Country.


(See more of the story here.)

The story is a rehash of Milbank’s January 2017 piece, “Why I Left The Post,” that was also the subject of a Newsweek story on how to be a better journalist.

Newsweek’s story is titled “The #1 Thing You Should Know About Politics and Journalism.”

The article begins, “So you’re not just a reporter.

You’re also a citizen of the country you cover.”

It goes on to outline a few tips to be more effective in covering the news, such as reading the news yourself, not watching the news online or reading the best news stories in your local newspaper.

“I don’t think you’re going to be surprised by what you learn here,” the piece says.

“You’ll learn to think differently, think like the people you’re covering.

And you’ll learn what makes the country tick.”

The piece ends with Milbank offering advice on how best to become a better reporter.

“If you think about it, you’re a citizen in a country you’re writing about,” Milbank says.

Here’s the first paragraph of Milbanks piece: “So, what is it you’re trying to do, then?

Well, you’ve probably been wondering what it is you’re actually trying to cover.

You might have come to this conclusion because you’re either a reporter, or you’re an avid reader of the news.

Either way, it’s a good question.

The answer is, you have to find out what the news really is, which is why I wrote this article.”

(Read the full piece here.)

Milbank continued: “There are a lot of things you should know about politics, and there are a whole lot of stories about politics that you should read and you should watch, and I’ve done that, but if you’re just going to spend your time on something, and you’re doing it in the news media, you might as well learn the politics, too.”

In Milbank.s piece, he says, “I hope this article, this piece, will be of some help to you as you prepare to take on a job in the national news media.

This is a really big job, and if you want to be successful, you need to do it.”

(Click here to read Milbank article on his article on being a better writer.)

Newsweek has since taken down the piece.

The magazine did not respond to a request for comment about the piece by publication time.

The article appears to be one of a series of articles Milbank wrote over the last few months, which he shared on his website and Twitter.

(See the first installment here.)

On Jan. 16, Milbank posted a piece on his Facebook page that argued that the media should be more “self-critical” and criticized the media for failing to address the country’s economic problems.

Milbank argued that journalists should be less focused on covering politics and instead focus on the country and its people.

(Read more about Milbank here.)

But after a week of criticism on social media and a backlash against his article, Milbanks decision to remove the article was criticized by others in the media, including The New York Times.

“Newsweek has decided to delete a story that I believe was based on a misreading of the media and its role in shaping the news,” columnist Anne Barnard wrote on Facebook.

“This is an incredibly serious issue and I believe the decision was a mistake.”

Barnard added that she thinks “the media should have been more critical of President Trump’s policies and the ways that he’s mishandled the economy, and not only that, the way that he has treated the press and the people of the U.S.”

(The New York City mayor also wrote a letter to Milbank asking him to apologize.)

(See what others were saying about Milbanks article here.)

“I was surprised at how quickly it went from being a story about my thoughts to being a piece of journalism,” Barnard continued.

“There’s a whole range of things that are wrong here.

I mean, it seems like you’re saying the news is biased, and that’s wrong, and we have to take responsibility for that.

But I think the fact is that people need to be critical of the press, and it’s not that they don’t have the facts, it is that they need to learn how to understand them.

And if the media are going to teach them, it has to be in the context of the people who are the subject matter, not

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