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Hackett Publishing says it has published a book exposing the paedophiles behind child porn, and it’s selling it in bookstores, on Amazon, in bookshops and online.

The publisher said the book was about the “hidden history” of child sexual abuse and the harm it causes in the community.

“The book is a powerful, disturbing look at the dark underbelly of Australian society, its devastating impact on children and families, its harmful consequences, and its continuing need to be tackled,” Hackett publisher Peter Clements said.

“It was written to expose the darkness of child pornography in the past, and to highlight the need for our communities to get together to confront and eradicate it.”

Mr Clements says the book will be available to “anyone who wants to get involved” and he’s encouraging readers to call their local police and report the images to them.

Mr Crowsley was sentenced to four years in prison in June, with a five-year jail term suspended for good behaviour.

He has also been ordered to pay $15,000 in costs.

Mr Hackett is the publisher of the Melbourne’s Independent, which was the target of a massive cyber-attack by an unnamed group.

The book is called Operation Raccoon, and will be the first of many to hit the shelves from Hackett.

Mr Raccoons first book, The Dark Side of the Book, was published in 2012.

“In the book, Peter outlines his thoughts and experiences from his time as a police officer, as well as a number of other incidents in his professional life, and the events leading up to and during the publication of the book,” Hacket’s marketing manager, Amanda McIlveen, said.

“The book will provide readers with information that they can use in their own investigations and prosecutions.

It will also help those who have information about this to report it to police.”

The book has a cover price of $30.

Hackett’s website lists the publisher as a publisher of “non-fiction, science fiction and fantasy” books.

The company said the author of the first book was not involved with the book.

“We are not responsible for any content in this book.

This is an independent book by a professional author, and we will never be held responsible for its contents,” the company said.

Hacket also said the first two books were both published under the name “Hackett Publishing”.

The third book, “A Darker Shade of Red”, is due out in October.

A third book about the paedophile rings behind the crime scenes is also due to be released in October, but the publisher said it was “not a full-length novel”.

Mr Coolsley was jailed for four years and three months in June.

He pleaded guilty to the sex abuse of a young boy, aged 12-15, in the early 1980s.

He was given a two-year sentence.

He said the sexual abuse took place at his Melbourne home.

“I was completely unaware of it at the time, and I accept full responsibility for my actions,” he said.

Mr Lockyer said the crimes took place in the 1980s and he was “absolutely appalled” by the behaviour.

“To my knowledge, the only other child involved in these crimes was a 12-year-old boy, and he never reported it to anyone,” he told the ABC.

“And in any case, he was not abused at that time.”

Mr Lockyers book, ‘The Dark Side Of The Book’, was published by Hackett in 2011.

“That was not the first time that this happened to me,” he added.

I think he’s ready to take on a new challenge.” “

He’s been out of prison for the last two years.

I think he’s ready to take on a new challenge.”

A number of people have written to the publisher to express their concern about the book’s contents.

“You are an independent publisher,” one person wrote.

“This is a dangerous book to publish.

You are publishing an illegal book that could lead to a prosecution.”

The person added: “Your books have been banned in Australia.

I have read about you on the internet, but have never heard of this book before.”

The Victorian Crime Commission is also investigating the book and said it would review the situation if there was a “probable offence”.

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