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When it comes to hiring more female writers, Amazon has been on the forefront of the conversation.

And this week, Amazon announced the hiring of five new writers, and is planning to add more, to its staff.

But while Amazon has made strides in hiring more diverse writers in the past year, it still lags behind the big publishers in hiring female writers.

This is because women are often more reluctant to be part of a diverse staff.

Amazon is the largest retailer in the world with over 80% of its revenue coming from its online bookstore, where women make up the majority of employees.

It has also been criticized for its failure to hire a diverse group of writers.

But in its latest hiring announcement, Amazon said it is making a “major investment” in hiring women writers and that it is now recruiting and hiring more.

The Amazon team is looking for writers with “strong writing skills,” said Amazon senior VP of publishing, Rachel Lueck, during a conference call with reporters.

“These are the kinds of stories we know the world is going to want to read, so it’s a big part of our hiring drive.”

Amazon says it will have more than 100 writers in a year.

“This is a big investment in our hiring,” Luecks said.

“We’re investing heavily in our team and we’re investing in the writers that we have.”

The company says it has already hired at least one person for each of the last four years.

Lueck said Amazon will add at least 10 writers per year.

This year, Amazon is announcing five new women writers, plus two new writers who are not yet on the staff.

She said that in the coming months, the company will also add women to the leadership team of the book publishing and publishing operations.

“We have to be honest with ourselves, and we have to say, ‘We need more of these women,'” Lueks said.

Amazon’s hiring strategy is to focus on the best and brightest writers in their field.

And, Luek said, the goal is to bring more women into the fold.

“There is a lot of work in the pipeline that needs to be done,” she said.

Amazon has been hiring writers for its Kindle and Kindle Fire tablet, as well as other products.

But Luecking said that Amazon will only hire writers who have at least two published books.

She also said that, as a result of the diversity issue, the number of women on the editorial team at Amazon has increased.

The hiring of the five new female writers is the first of its kind in the history of Amazon’s publishing.

Luecki said that while the company is “always looking for ways to be better,” it is not a race to hire more women.

“I think that we will always be judged on our ability to hire the most women writers,” she added.

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