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By The Washington Public Library’s new publishing initiative, springer will publish two new books this year, beginning with a new collection of essays about her childhood in rural Maine.

The first, “My Father and the Springer,” will be published by New York Review Books in April.

The first book is a collection of poems by the poet and essayist Mary Anne Hitt, which will be edited by the late Alice Walker.

The book is set in a small rural Maine community and was written with the author’s own two daughters in mind.

Springer is also publishing “My Mother’s Sister,” a memoir about her mother’s childhood.

The second book, titled “A Friend’s Name,” will focus on her mother, who died in 2008.

It was written by her niece, Rebecca Hitt.

The two are siblings.

“The book is about a childhood of hardship and trauma, but it’s also about what I’ve learned to cherish,” Springer said.

“I’m a storyteller, so my stories can be a little darker.”

She said her goal with this year’s collection was to offer an intimate look at her family’s life in rural America.

“It’s about being able to put the pieces of what makes our family together,” Springers daughter, Lianne, said.

“My Father’s Name” by Rebecca Hett and Alice Walker (Photo: New York RBN)The collection, titled A Friend’s Place, will focus heavily on her family.

It is the first time Springer has published a book that will feature a female writer.

It will also feature a new essay about her sister, a subject Springer often discusses.

“I wanted to try something new for a couple of reasons.

One, I’m very interested in poetry, so I wanted to write something that I felt would be different and different in tone and in content,” Spring.

“But more importantly, I wanted it to be my first book,” she said. 

The collection will be set in the mid-1930s, and focuses on the lives of two young women, Rebecca and Liannne Hitt (pictured above).

The book, which is being written by Lianna Hitt and will be released in spring, is set during a time of upheaval for the Hitt family.

Rebecca’s parents divorced when she was just nine years old and she was raised by her grandparents.

Liananne was raised in the same environment as her mother.

“My father was a farmer, so there was nothing for him to do, and that really affected him,” Lianniene Hitt said.

The two sisters met when they were in elementary school.

Rebecca Hott moved to Maine from Georgia when Liananie was a toddler.

LIANNIE’S LIVES (Photo by: Rebecca Huttner)”When I moved to rural Maine, I was the only one of the sisters, so we were kind of isolated,” Liana Hitt explained.

“When I was a kid, we were all together.

I was in a lot of trouble, so when I was eight years old, I left to go to college.

I moved out with my parents, and my brother and sister got married.

My dad was unemployed, so he didn’t have a job.

I went to work at a lumber mill.

I got a job, and I worked in a mill, and then I went back to Georgia.

And then when I got out, I came back to Maine and worked at a bookshop, and we worked together for two years, and in that time I learned a lot.

I learned about farming, and how to pick corn and how the land worked, and all those things.”

The sisters were married and raised by their parents in rural Massachusetts.

They both worked as farm hands and farm laborers, and Liana loved it. 

“We worked hard,” LIANNE HITT said.

“We loved each other.

We were the most loving, caring, and kind of wonderful people.

I think that made us who we were,” Liantne said.

They were married in 1946. 

For the book’s title, Springer had a couple ideas.

She was inspired by a piece of furniture her father had been using as a desk.

“So I decided to use a piece from a desk that my dad had,” Spring said.

Spring said the story of her father and the desk is a story about perseverance.

The first poem Springer wrote about her father was titled “My Dad, My Daughter,” which describes her mother being “stupidly stubborn and selfish.”

The book will also include “A Brother’s Name.”

“The story about my dad and the table was so interesting,” Spring told The Post.

“You know, I have this idea that if you tell a story and you tell it right, it’s gonna work.

And I think people like to believe that, and if you say it the right way,

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