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Microsoft today announced the availability of Android apps that can be published to the Windows Store for desktop publishers to use in their apps.

Microsoft has long supported the Android app development platform, with the company offering the latest versions of its Office apps to developers for free.

This latest update of the Office for Android platform is a major shift for Microsoft, as it now offers developers a direct path to distribute their apps to the Microsoft Store for download.

As of today, Android apps can be used to publish apps to Windows devices and Microsoft recommends using Android for your app’s distribution.

“Android is the most popular mobile platform for publishing to the Web and we are excited to continue this relationship,” said Steven Mendenhall, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Platforms Engineering.

“This update also includes support for the latest Android platform features such as apps on the lock screen, the Google Play Store, and the Universal Windows Platform.”

The Windows 10 Developer Preview for Android provides an easy and fast way for developers to build apps for the Android platform and has become a top choice for Android developers who want to publish to the Google Store.

Developers can install the Android SDK from Google Play for Windows 10, and if they’re interested in getting the latest updates, they can also use the SDK in the Windows Insider Program.

The new Android SDK for Android also includes Google Play Services, which are part of Google Play’s suite of developer tools.

Microsoft also recently released an Android SDK Preview for Windows developers, which includes many of the new features of the latest version of the SDK.

As with the Android Developer Preview, this version of Microsoft’s SDK will be available in the next few weeks.

Microsoft said that developers will have the option to share their app code and APIs with Microsoft as part of the Windows 10 Preview for Developers program, which will help developers create apps for Android.

As the company has previously said, it will not be responsible for the security of your app code, so developers should ensure that they use the latest security updates.

Developers can also choose to share some of their code with Microsoft.

As Microsoft said, the code can be shared with other Microsoft-licensed apps and Microsoft-created services, including Microsoft Office 365.

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