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The best apps for the Apple Watch are usually the ones that provide an immediate benefit.

That’s especially true when you consider that the smartwatch is the only wearable device with a screen size that is bigger than 5 inches, making it more difficult to read text than a smartphone.

Here are our picks for the best Apple Watch apps, with our top five favorites and our bottom five picks.1.

Apple Watch: MyApp and WatchKit appsThe most prominent new feature in the Apple TV app is the ability to view the last three minutes of a video.

MyApp is a free app that will automatically save your WatchKit settings so you can easily watch your favorite movies and TV shows from your Apple TV.

WatchKit allows you to customize the look and feel of your Watch app, so you don’t have to worry about losing important settings like your watch face or settings for your Watch Hub app.2.

MyBookmarks app: OneNote and Pocket for Apple WatchThis is a new addition to MyBookmark.

OneNote lets you mark notes on your Watch with a stylus and Pocket will let you bookmark your favorites in OneNote.

I like this because it lets you create a notebook on your wrist without having to touch your Watch.3.

Apple Music: Apple Music and iHeartRadio appsApple Music for Apple Watches is a music-streaming service for the Watch that includes a number of new features, including support for iTunes Match, and more.

The service is still in beta, but Apple has said it will be “open to the public in the near future.”

The company also announced that it will add the ability for users to record and share music and audio with friends and family on the Watch.4.

Watch Music: iHeart Radio and Watch Music appsThe Apple Music app is a nice way to listen to music on your watch without having a Watch.

iHeart is an Apple Music service that lets you stream music from your iPhone to your Watch and is compatible with a number music services.

The app is also compatible with other apps like Spotify, Rdio, and Tidal.

The Watch Music app has some additional features that make it worth checking out.5.

Watch App for Android: iBooks and Kindle appsThis is one of the first Watch apps to offer the ability of reading on the go.

Apple also introduced the iBooks app for Android, which will let users easily download books from a library online.

iBooks can also be used to create audiobooks on the iPhone or iPad.

The Kindle app is available for Android and iPhone, and the iPad app is free.6.

iCal and iPhoto: iPhoto and iCal for AppleWatch and AndroidThe iCal app is one the best options for keeping track of your calendar and other important data, like your shopping and travel plans.

The iCal is also a useful productivity tool, and is one that can be used both for keeping up with your emails and for taking notes.7.

iPhoto app for Apple and Android: CalDAV and CalDAZ appsThe CalDAK app is an app that lets users manage their calendars, check their health, and view their bank accounts on a single device.

This is a very useful app for keeping an eye on your finances and getting a sense of how you’re spending your money.8.

Apple Photos: iWork and iWork appsThe iWork app is another great way to create and share photos on the watch.

iWork is an open-source program that allows you create and edit photos, and it is the first Apple product to offer a unified photo editor that supports both Mac and Windows users.

It also allows you share photos with other Apple employees on your team and with other developers.9.

iMovie: iMovie for Apple watch and iOS9The iMovie app for iPhone and iPad allows you take your favorite films and TV series to the big screen and upload them to the Watch without having the Apple device connected to the Internet.

iTunes is a separate app for the iPhone and the Watch, and you can download movies and television shows from iTunes.10.

Apple TV: Apple TV and Apple Watch appThe Apple TV is a streaming TV device with an array of apps, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and ESPN.

You can also stream music and video directly to the Apple television from a variety of apps like Amazon’s Rdio.

If you’re not familiar with Apple TV, the service offers access to the TV via a set-top box, a USB cable, or a WiFi hotspot.11.

WatchOS for iOS9You can now control your Watch through the Watch app.

Apple has made a big push to add features to the watchOS app, including the ability.

to control your watch from a home screen, and a way to share apps and watchlists with other users.

Apple says that this new version of the app will also make it easier to share content and notes between iOS and Watch.12.

Apple Health:

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