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Posted November 01, 2013 11:21:50 Microsoft has introduced new features for Office 2013, including better integration with Microsoft Exchange Online, a new feature that allows users to set up custom Outlook mailboxes, and improved support for multiple users in Office 2013.

Microsoft Office Online is the new way users can interact with Microsoft Office.

When you sign up for Office Online, you can create and send and receive mail, add files, edit documents, and even create calendars and share calendars.

Microsoft Online has a new Office 365 integration, allowing users to create an Office 365 mailbox, set up email synchronization and other features.

Microsoft has also improved the experience of using Office on devices that run on the Windows platform, including PCs and mobile phones.

Microsoft’s Office Online features are a new step for Microsoft, which is trying to become more attractive for new users.

In an interview with USA Today, Office Chief Product Officer Scott Harkins said that new users should expect to use the new Office 2013 features more than before, and that the new features will not only help new users, but also make the experience more intuitive.

“People who have been using Office for a long time are going to feel a lot more comfortable,” he said.

“If you look at the feedback, I think there’s going to be a lot of that.”

Microsoft has already released several Office 2013 updates, but some features are still missing from the full release.

For example, some of the new support features for Outlook Express, the new Exchange Online email service, haven’t been added to the full Office 2013 release.

This is because the Office 2013 team has been working on these features since late 2013, and these features haven’t yet been integrated into the Office Online release.

Office Online also lacks a desktop client.

The Office Online integration includes the ability to sync and view documents in your existing Office 2013 desktop application, and the ability for users to configure their Office 2013 accounts with multiple email accounts, including Outlook Express accounts.

Microsoft said it is working on a desktop app for Office that would support Outlook Express as well.

The company has also said it will release a Windows 10 version of Office 2013 as well, but hasn’t said when.

Microsoft also said that its new Office Mobile application for iOS and Android devices will work on Outlook Express and Exchange Online accounts.

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