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Pentecostals will not sign an agreement with Christian book publishing house Ebay, the publisher has said.

The publisher, Christian Book Publishers, said in a statement on Thursday that it was “concerned” that Ebay had been allowed to “inject their own ideology into the publishing process.”

The Christian Book Publishing Association said it “will not renew a contract with the company that has not shown a commitment to publishing Christian books.”

The company said it is also concerned that Ebays decision to allow Christian book sellers to buy and sell their books through Ebay violates the tenets of the First Amendment, and its belief in fair competition.

“We are a Christian publishing company that believes that Christians have a unique ability to communicate and sell our religious and spiritual messages through our books, and that this has the potential to lead to greater awareness and acceptance of Christianity in the marketplace,” the statement read.

The group also said it will “continue to oppose all forms of Christian extremism and violence, including terrorism, in all forms, including online.” 

“The church will not be allowed to dictate to the marketplace how Christians are to interact with each other,” the group said.

“The fact that Christian booksellers have been given this unprecedented ability to engage in this behavior is a serious violation of our First Amendment rights.” 

Alfred Publishing House, which has more than 8,000 books, said the decision to reject the agreement is “not a reflection of the Christian Book publishers’ values.”

“Ebay’s actions will cause a loss of sales, and the loss of revenue for Christian bookstores,” the company said.

“The Christian book book publishers will not stand idly by and allow this to happen.” 

The decision comes as Christians have increasingly been able to sell books through Amazon, where they are not required to pay sales tax, and on other sites.

Ebay has long allowed Christians to sell their Christian books through its Kindle app, which does not require them to pay tax.

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