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by Matt GormanPublishers are looking for ways to improve the lives of their customers and make them happier.

They’ve started a new initiative, called Mark Twain’s Big Book, to try and create a new book.

Mark Twain’s Little Book, which was created as a collaboration between publishers and publishers of old, is set to hit shelves next month.

The goal is to be able to write a book that’s the same as a book about the life of Mark Twain.

The Big Book is a collection of stories that are still relevant to our society today.

The idea behind it is that people who have read Mark Twain have lived a life, or lived their lives, that’s very similar to Mark Twain, and it’s a book of stories.

The Big Book has been created by a number of publishers to promote their products and help readers understand how the world works.

The books are about topics like love, family, and money.

The goal is not to be too complicated, but to not get too bogged down in the details, says Mark Twain biographer and former Pulitzer Prize-winning author Steve Hensley.

Mark, who was born in 1843, lived in a big house in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut and spent most of his life in the state.

He was the last living person to be born in the New England region of Connecticut.

When he was about five, he went to school in the town of Whitefield, where he was born and raised.

Mark lived in the city of Hartford for two years, and lived in Whitefield again at the age of 10.

Mark and his family lived in New York for a short time, but he was never able to go to school there, so he lived in his grandparents’ house in Greenwich Village.

His family was not particularly wealthy, and Mark moved back to the state when he was 13, so when he left for college he was able to do so in a town where the median household income was $3,000 a year.

Mark moved to Vermont in 1864, but was not successful at Vermont, so the next year he was shipped to New York.

He attended a boarding school for boys and lived on a farm there for the next two years.

In 1867 he moved to Chicago, where, in 1869, he attended Yale University.

In his sophomore year, Mark went on a trip to Europe.

The next year, he married Elizabeth Smith, and in 1870, they moved to Boston, where they raised two children.

In 1870, Mark married Elizabeth Fennell, and he lived with her for the rest of his lifetime.

In 1871, he moved back home to Connecticut, where his family was living.

Mark Twain was born on May 11, 1843.

Mark’s parents had already moved to Connecticut from Massachusetts in 1860 when Mark was born.

Mark had two brothers, Mark and Joseph.

He also had a sister named Annabel, who had also been raised in Connecticut.

Mark and his parents moved to New Haven, Connecticut in 1872.

In the fall of 1873, Mark moved to a farm in Connecticut where his grandparents were still living.

The farm was in a large and well-built town called Whitefield.

Mark grew up around the farm, and there were some very good sheep and chickens there, which made Mark happy.

The family had a great time, and as the years went by, Mark was more and more fond of the farm and the sheep.

In the winter of 1875, Mark started working as a plowman at the farm.

When his family returned from a trip into the woods, they went out for a walk and found a dead deer, but Mark was not upset about the fact that he had been killed.

In fact, he was so happy that he went out and picked up the dead deer and ate it.

Mark was very happy and said that the next morning he had no idea that the deer had been poisoned.

Mark didn’t know about the deer poisoning until later that day, when he found out about it when a friend saw him pick up a piece of the dead carcass.

Mark said, “I never thought I’d die of the same disease, but now I’m going to die of it.”

The next day, Mark died.

Mark was the second of five children.

His parents moved back from Vermont in May of 1876, and his sister Annabel had moved with them to Connecticut.

In January of 1878, Mark took his mother’s hand and said, I don’t want to go, but I can’t live without you, and I’m not going to let you die without me.

He wanted to live with her and the family, so Mark decided to move back to New England.

In April of 1879, Mark Twain married Elizabeth, and the couple moved to Massachusetts.

In February of 1881, Mark became the president of the Massachusetts Board of Education.

When Mark was appointed

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