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The biggest publishers in the world have filed for bankruptcy protection, leaving only a handful of smaller ones to offer a wide array of titles to the public.

A list of those smaller publishers can be found on the website of the publisher association of the publishing industry, The Association of American Publishers.

Many publishers that have filed are facing severe financial troubles, with the list of struggling publishers including Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Book Group and Simon & Schuster.

They are facing a potential $1 billion in losses and the loss of their ability to continue publishing, including their ability do so for a few years after the filing of their bankruptcy petition.

The publishers, which include Penguin, Simon & Schmidt, Harper Collins, Harper Voyager and HarperCollins, collectively have been in bankruptcy since August and are in the process of winding down operations. 

The list of publishers that are likely to file for bankruptcy is as follows: Penguin and Simon&Schuster (formerly Penguin Random House) are in serious financial trouble and are preparing to file their own petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

They will be the only publishers that will continue publishing after the bankruptcy filing.

HarperCollins is currently facing a massive $2 billion in liabilities, including its books business and its publishing house.

Harper Voyager is the largest publisher in the United States, with more than 30 titles in print, and has a history of bankruptcy filings.

Simon & Shuster is facing an even more challenging financial situation, as it is facing the largest lawsuit against it in history, which could result in the bankruptcy of the company, according to the Associated Press. 

HarperCollins Book has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection after filing for bankruptcy in February.

Harper Collins was founded in 1975 by Hachettas co-founder William M. Harper and published more than 2,500 titles by the end of 2016, according the publisher’s website. 

Simon & Schusters publishing house has filed Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in August, according its website.

Simon&Shuster has been struggling for decades, having filed for more than 20 bankruptcy petitions, according Business Insider.

Simon’s business model has suffered due to its focus on books, but it is one of the few publishers that still offers an online service, as well as a digital platform.

Simon is now in a difficult financial position and has had to sell off its digital properties to fund its bankruptcy. 

Penguin Random House, which is owned by billionaire publisher Philip K. Dick, is not in bankruptcy.

Penguin Random has a large library of titles that is still published in hardcover, paperback and ebook, according Penguin Random’s website, and Penguin Random also has a publishing house, Simon, in New York. 

This is the latest chapter in a long line of bankruptcies of major publishing houses. 

In the late 1970s, the publishing world was rocked by the demise of HarperCollins and Simon, with a series of lawsuits against the publishers leading to the filing for Chapter 9 protection in December of that year. 

Earlier this year, The Associated Press reported that the publishers of The New Yorker had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. 

A year ago, the Associated Media reported that HarperCollins had filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection and is facing a $3.8 billion in debt. 

Last month, Penguin Random had filed a bankruptcy petition in Florida, where it was located, as part of the bankruptcy process, the New York Times reported. 

Several other publishers have filed bankruptcy petitions in recent years, including HarperCollins Books Group, Simon Communications, Penguin Books Group and Penguin Publishing Group. 

 For more information on how to protect yourself from bankruptcy, visit the National Consumers League’s website:

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