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It’s not just book publishers that have been benefiting from an increasing number of Canadian book titles hitting the shelves in recent years. 

This year, Canadian book publishers reported profits of $9 billion, up from $8.6 billion in 2016.

That’s an increase of $1.7 billion from last year and $2.4 billion from 2015.

The increase is due to a number of factors, including the number of titles published in the United States, increased sales in the U.S., and higher margins for authors.

In particular, Canadian publishers saw increased revenue from international sales, especially for nonfiction titles.

The authors of those titles are the ones that can make the biggest profits. 

“It’s an interesting phenomenon to look at,” said John Boulware, professor of publishing at Carleton University and author of the bestseller The Good Book: How Canadian Authors Make Millions Every Year.

“I think it’s pretty remarkable.

If you go back to the early ’80s, the average book publisher made $400,000 a year,” Boulwood said.

“Now it’s up to $3 million, and there’s a lot of money going on in Canada.”

For Canadian book writers, Boulwoods points out, the industry is not only thriving but also in some ways booming.

In the past year, the Canadian Authors Guild (CAUG) has been celebrating its 50th anniversary, with an annual conference in Ottawa.

Boulwises’ book The Good Writer: The Making of a New Canadian Author is one of the speakers, and he has an eye on the future.

“As a small book publisher, I have seen a great number of authors who have grown tremendously,” he said. 

While Boulweis’ book is the one that makes the headlines, he says that the other big-ticket titles like The Best Seller: Canada’s Best Book Publishers and The Good Publisher: Canadian Authors, as well as books by international authors like Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood and Anne McCaffrey, are also making a splash.

“There’s a certain percentage of books that people are buying in the marketplace because they think they’ll be a hit.

That hasn’t been the case in a long time,” Bouwes said.

Boulware says the rise in sales is a result of an increasing market, and a growing audience.

“The number of books coming into the market, especially new books, has been rising,” he added.

“It’s been growing for a number, but not all books.

It’s also grown more because more people are looking at the book as an investment, and the value is much higher.”

It may be a bit too early to call it a bubble, but the book industry is really growing and has been growing a lot.

We’re not in a bubble,” he concluded.

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