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By KEVIN STEWART | The Washington Times – June 12, 2018At the heart of the Bible is the Bible story of a man named Jesus, who rose from the dead in a miraculous way.

The story was the foundation of the New Testament, and a source of great strength for many Christians who believed that God had redeemed them from the wrath of God and had given them eternal life.

But for some, the story was tainted by the fact that the story is based on the writings of two people who are dead and buried.

A lawsuit filed in federal court on Thursday alleges that the publishers of the Christian Bible are violating the authorship and authorship rights of the book by including the false claims of Jesus as well as other Christian writers in the Bible.

The lawsuit, filed by the publishers’ publisher, the American Bible Society, and other Bible publishers, alleges that Jesus, the son of Joseph and Mary, is not the true son of God, and that the claims of Christ are not true.

The Bible is one of the best-selling books in the world.

But the authors of the first Christian Bible, the King James Version, were quick to assert that the Bible was inspired by God and was not the work of human authors.

The King James version of the bible was first printed in 1611, and was revised several times before it was approved by the church as the Bible of the United States in 1704.

The American Bible Societies statement said that the authors “knowingly and willfully” included false claims about Jesus, including those about the crucifixion, the resurrection, the life after death, and the Trinity.

“The book is a fraud,” the statement said.

The publishers of The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press and other news organizations, as well the publishers and the publishers who publish the Bible in its various editions, have also filed suit in federal district court in New York seeking an injunction against the Bible publishers.

The suit is similar to one filed in California earlier this month by the Southern Baptist Convention, which said that it believes the Bible to be a fraud because of false claims.

But those lawsuits did not name the publishers, who have a long history of suing the Bible for allegedly infringing on their copyright and trademarks.

A Bible publisher in Texas named J.B.P. Enterprises filed suit against the New York publishers earlier this year, saying that they have published books based on disputed passages of the original Bible that are no longer in print.

The publisher, based in Fort Worth, Texas, said that many of the disputed passages, including passages about Jesus and his resurrection, are now in the public domain and are not subject to copyright protections.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Christian Bible publishers that include publishers of both the New and King James versions of the English translation of the King’s Bible, which was published by the Westminster Confession Press and later edited by the New Century Bible Society.

The New Century Society, a nonprofit publishing organization that publishes the Bible, said in a statement that the plaintiffs in this case have made numerous attempts to contact the defendants, and have received no response.

The claim that Jesus was the son and successor of Joseph, who had a son named Joseph who was also called Jesus, is a disputed doctrine among scholars.

It is a claim that was once accepted by the Catholic Church and was supported by some Protestant churches and scholars.

The dispute has been settled by several theologians.

In the 1960s, scholars at the University of Pittsburgh began working with the University College of London and the University Press of America to try to settle the dispute.

The two institutions agreed that the disputed claim of Jesus being the son-in-law of Joseph was false.

In 2000, the Oxford English Dictionary included the claim in the Oxford Classical Dictionary.

In 2001, the World Council of Churches began listing the disputed doctrine in its Word of Faith.

The scholars, however, eventually settled the dispute by settling with the publishers in 2000.

In recent years, some scholars have criticized the Bible as being a flawed document that includes numerous erroneous passages.

In 2008, the University Church in England issued a statement saying that it was “not in a position to dispute the authors’ claim that the Book of Acts is not an accurate and trustworthy history.”

The Bible Society of America, which has long held that the gospel of Jesus is true, has been less vocal in its criticism of the American publishers.

In a statement issued in February, the group said that “many biblical scholars do not agree with the Bible Society’s position that the book is inaccurate and unreliable.”

But the organization said that this is not to say that the BSA has never made factual mistakes in its publishing practices.

It said that some of the errors were unintentional.

In response to the lawsuit, the New American Bible Publishers Association, which represents the publishers including the American bible publishers, said, “We are proud of the work that the Society has done

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