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An article in the American Journal of Psychology found that when a woman said “no”, men reacted with anger and disgust.

The study, published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, found that “no means yes”, but not everyone is that quick to embrace the “yes” option.

“We found that men and women had a similar emotional response when women responded with no, as women were more likely to be offended and more likely than men to be annoyed by the response,” the authors of the study wrote.

The article also found that, overall, men were more upset when women said “yes”.

The researchers said that their research was an attempt to understand how men and men’s emotions change over time, and how they can be influenced by the person in question.

The researchers interviewed a total of 1,000 men and 1,200 women over the course of three years.

They found that women who said “No” to a sexual proposition were more inclined to have anger or disgust.

“Women are more likely when they say ‘no’ to engage in aggressive sexual behavior and are more often willing to reject unwanted sexual advances,” the study found.

However, “when women say ‘yes’ to sexual advances, their emotional responses to the sexual advances were more positive, as was their willingness to accept an unwanted sexual advance, even if it meant a significant amount of risk,” the researchers concluded.

In other words, when a person “rejects a sexual advance” – even if they want to, for example, go ahead and have sex – “they are more willing to be physically aggressive and are less likely to reject it”.

The authors of this study said that, in general, women are more open to sex when a partner is “positively looking forward to having sex”, while men are more “positive” when a sex partner is positively looking at the prospect of having sex.

“Our research indicates that women may not be as willing to accept unwanted sexual proposals as men,” the article read.

Women were also less likely than their male counterparts to accept a proposition that could “threaten a sexual relationship”, according to the researchers.

In this scenario, a “positive partner” would not “reward” the person for rejecting a sexual advances.

It also “may be that women are not as likely to accept sexual advances if they are being looked forward to by a partner.”

In other news, it’s still too early to tell whether the “Yes” button will become more widely adopted in the next year or two.

For now, however, “No Means Yes” is a popular phrase that has been around for a long time.

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