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I’m sure you’ve heard that N2 is a fantastic company, but they’ve also been a major influence on a lot of things that I have loved since I started writing.

I’m writing this because I’m not sure that anyone is, and I know it’s a lot to say, but N2’s been a great place to work and I’m excited to share my love for them with everyone.

First and foremost, I want to thank N2 for making my writing career possible.

I have to say that I was very surprised by how well things went, and N2 has done a lot for me in my career.

When I started working with them, I was unsure if I wanted to be a writer, or if I was ready for that kind of challenge.

But I decided to go for it and I am grateful for the experience.

I hope you are too.

I also want to acknowledge the incredible people at Hazeldens publishing, for their work with me over the years, and for the amazing books they have released, as well as for all the support and support they’ve given me throughout my writing journey.

I am also happy to share that I got my first copy of Thomas Nelson’s book, The First Book, in October 2018, a book that I think will be a lifelong companion to my writing.

As someone who has had to make the transition from freelance to full-time employment, I can’t thank Hazeleden enough for their support.

They have been a source of inspiration for me, and their success is testament to the fact that I can get my work done, and they are supportive of me.

They’ve made me feel like I am doing something right, and in the end, I am proud to have them as a publisher.

Lastly, I’m glad that you guys continue to support me.

I think this is a great day for the industry, and a day of celebration for all of us who are working to make publishing more accessible and equitable for writers and publishers.

I know I’m doing the right thing.

-N2 Publishing CEO

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