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This is the story of a family who survived a deadly winter in a remote area of Siberia.

It begins with an unplanned move to the remote village of Berekor, in the Arctic Ocean.

As they made their way home from work, the weather turned chilly and snow fell quickly. 

Berekor was a small community with only 10 residents. 

After a few days of being unable to see each other, the family decided to leave the village for the winter. 

They had no idea where they were going, but decided to find a village to stay in. 

The people in Berekob have a different view of winter.

They consider it a blessing in disguise, and say it’s a way to prepare for the upcoming winter season. 

During the winter, the population of Bexar County, which covers much of the southern half of the state, is down by nearly 80 percent, according to the Bexas Counties Association. 

“We’ve never had a cold winter, we’ve never been able to do that,” said Berekori resident Jose Maria Garcia.

“I’m sure it’s because of climate change.” 

After their first night in Bexara, the two families decided to start a new life in another village. 

On February 6, the day before the family’s move, a tornado ripped through the town. 

Their car was destroyed, and they found themselves without food or water.

They began searching for food, but were quickly stranded. 

With no food, their spirits began to fall. 

Soon, the group began to have thoughts of returning to the village.

But the people in the village believed that they would never be able to return. 

According to the villagers, there was a prophecy that they could never return.

They said that they will always live in the mountains, never return to the town or even get out of their car. 

That prophecy, according the villagers told National Geographic, has come true. 

At the time of the tornado, the residents were living in a tent in the snow. 

One night, they were awoken by a tornado. 

It took them just minutes to reach their car, but the tornado tore their tent apart. 

A large section of the tent was ripped off and the people were left with only a small mattress, which they used to sleep for days. 

There was nothing they could do, and for the next five months, the people had no food. 

In the end, Jose Maria and his family made the decision to move on to Berekora, a village of about 25 people in which the majority lived. 

Now, they are looking forward to a better future. 

Although it may be difficult to move away from the village, the villagers are optimistic that their family’s experience will help others. 

As they continue to live their lives in the wilderness, they have learned a few new skills that they plan to share with others.

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