Pressure Gauge Press Pressure Gauge Press


Find out what you need to know about your position, and what you can do to meet those needs.2.

Write your CV and cover letter.3.

Get hired.4.

Go to work.5.

Go home.6.

Tweet a photo of your CV.7.

Read the job posting.8.

Check your email.9.

Submit your resume.10.

Review your cover letter and cover statement.11.

Send your resume to your boss.12.


See what happens.14.

Watch a video on how to create a resume.15.

Follow up with your boss to make sure everything went well.16.

Have a chat with your supervisor about your progress.17.

Watch your boss respond.18.

Send another email.19.

Wait for a reply.20.

Check in on your boss on your phone.21.

Reply to your resume with a question.22.

Keep an eye out for a follow-up email.23.

Take a look at your cover statement, if any.24.

Read your cover memo.25.

Keep a running tally of the responses you’ve gotten.26.

Review the cover letter to make certain your message was well received.27.

Take notes on your response.28.

Ask your boss for help.29.

See if your boss is following through with his/her offer.30.

Send an email.31.

Check out the latest job listings.32.

Take time to read the job postings.33.

Go on vacation.34.

Read another article.35.

Keep up with the job openings at the New York Times.36.

Read a blog post about your role.37.

Watch an interview with your current employer.38.

Read about other NYT job postings for this position.39.

Go online and search for your next job.

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