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Google Books has long been known for its popular kid book collections.

It’s the publisher behind many popular books for kids, and it’s now working on a new set of books for children that will be available in a big way, including the books of “Hank Green” (or more recently, “Hannibal Lecter”).

But what exactly is this new series of books?

And how do they compare to those that already exist in Google’s library?

We talked to Google’s director of kids, Matt Osterman, to find out.

This new series, which will debut in June, is called “Children of the Dark.”

It includes more than 1,000 children’s books, including “Little House on the Prairie,” “The Catcher in the Rye,” “Foolish Little Things,” “How to Be a Girl,” and many more.

It’s going to be a big deal for children.

The new collection is going to change how children think about books, and the new books will be the best of their kind ever made.

It’ll be a really big deal.

I don’t think kids are going to understand the difference.

It is a new breed of books, the kind that you’re used to reading, and we think children are going, oh wow, that’s really cool.

It will be different.

But it will be fun.

This is the new collection, by the way, that Google has published.

It doesn’t include “The Boy Who Couldn’t Swim” by Mary McCarthy.

That book was published back in 2004.

We’re trying to get that out of Google Books.

The book that Google publishes now, and which we have the opportunity to publish with the new series will be a much bigger, much more ambitious book.

We think that’s the most exciting thing.

We are going back to the drawing board.

We are very, very excited about what we’re doing with this.

This is not just a new collection.

This new book is going for kids.

And we think that it will make kids very, quite, very happy.

The book will be released on June 8, but we don’t want to release it in the same week as the holidays.

It would be a bit of a missed opportunity.

The first book in the series, “Little Humblebrag,” by Danica Roem is also coming out in June.

It was a very, really popular book.

It sold 3.4 million copies in its first year, according to The New York Times.

The new collection will be very, rather, a departure from previous Google Books books.

They’re about what you’d expect.

There are a lot of books that we like, that are about things that we enjoy.

But we have to go in a different direction than what we have been doing with previous collections.

This collection will contain more books about the things that children do in the real world, but it will also include books that are more focused on the inner workings of kids’ minds.

I think that that’s what we like to do, that the books will actually touch children’s lives.

We have to make them a little bit less like, oh, they’re so smart.

They have such a rich understanding of how to make the world work.

This will be about the little things that kids do.

There’s a new book in this new collection that’s a little different.

It won’t be an original book.

This book is the third book in a series, and all of these books have been published in Google Books for a very long time.

But this one, it’s different.

This one will be out in July.

It really is the first of its kind.

And this is something that will bring new voices to the books that they already know.

We really like that.

It has a lot more to it.

We know that kids are not the only people who enjoy reading.

We also know that children enjoy reading things that are outside the normal.

It might be a new kind of book or it might be something completely different.

We want to give children the best reading experiences they can have.

This book is very,very, very exciting.

The fact that it’s going into the library is going, wow, what a good idea.

We feel like this is going in a new direction.

This really is going a different, bold, different direction.

It seems very much like a new series.

It is a little difficult for me to comment on some of the new titles that are in the new Google Books collection.

There’s a very popular children’s book that’s coming out.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that the book is called The Little Man and the Horse, by John Green.

I’ll be happy to see that.

I can’t say too much about that book, except to say that I think it’s a great book, and I think children love it.

It has a wonderful story and is one

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