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The counter-current publishing project is one of many projects that are struggling with the fallout from the 2016 election.

In 2017, Counter-Currents released its first print run of The Last Tycoon, a dystopian fantasy novel that was described by critics as “an extraordinary achievement.”

After the publication of that book, the publishing house’s founder, James R. Dickson, and his publisher, Edelweiss, were targeted by a hate campaign, which led to the publisher being sued.

Denton and Edelwiss have denied the allegations, and both have since left the publishing business.

Meanwhile, Counter Currents has found itself at the center of a controversy surrounding the publication and sale of its second book, The Book of the Dead.

The book was recently released on Amazon and a number of retailers have reportedly pulled the book from their shelves.

A spokesperson for the publisher said the book was sold at a bookshop in the U.K. because the store’s founder was threatened by anti-fascist groups.

However, the book’s publisher, R. J. MacLeod, said he has no knowledge of the threat or was threatened in any way.

Maclear also pointed out that the publisher has a policy against publishing books in the United Kingdom.

“Counter Currents have not been accused of any wrongdoing and have no desire to go to court,” Maclear told the Washington Post.

“We are committed to maintaining a relationship with retailers that we have a relationship on.”

Dickson told BuzzFeed News that the counter-counter movement was the result of a “political correctness” backlash against “a kind of neo-fascist-style culture.”

In his view, it was necessary to step in because “there are a lot of people who feel threatened by the counter culture,” he said.

“The counter culture is not anti-capitalist, it is anti-authoritarian.”

The book, which has been called “an incredible achievement,” was originally released in 2016, but is now being reprinted.

A few weeks ago, the Counter Current Publishing website posted a photo of a signed copy of the book with the message, “The book of the dead.”

The statement was posted under the title, “We’re glad you’re enjoying the book!” and the cover featured a quote from the author’s own review: “The world has turned against me, and I can see how it’s happening.”

In a tweet that was deleted after being flagged by BuzzFeed News, the author wrote, “I am not going to stop fighting.

If it’s your time, why don’t you take up a book on my story and see if you can figure it out?”

A spokesperson from the Counter-Counter publishing project told BuzzFeed that the campaign was sparked by an email that the group received in February 2017.

The email, which was forwarded to a member of the group, said that “the book of dead is a dystopian book,” and asked the group to “get together to discuss the implications of publishing the book.”

The group responded by saying it would “find a way to get the book into your hands,” but declined to say how.

The group was also accused of being “an outlet for the alt-right,” or white nationalists.

The author, who goes by the pen name “Eve,” wrote that the email “was a direct challenge to us.

It was clearly an attempt to silence us.

Eve is a trans woman, and she has had to struggle with the same issues.”

The author told BuzzFeed in an interview that she had not read The Book, and that she did not want to put the book out on Amazon.

However she did say that she was “still trying to get through” the book, and is looking for support to publish it.

“I’m still trying to find my voice,” she said.

The counter counter-book movement has become a source of contention for many publishers, especially in the tech world, where counter-conspiracy theories and a lack of diversity have made it difficult for publishers to attract and retain talent.

In a recent statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook defended his company’s “deep respect” for the counterculture, saying that his company “continues to embrace and embrace ideas from many different perspectives.”

However, Apple has not yet released any new books in 2017, and a spokesperson for Counter Current Press told BuzzFeed news that the company was unable to comment on the situation with the publisher.

In January 2017, Apple banned Counter Current for “publishing books with titles that are racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, or otherwise offensive,” citing its policy against the sale of “offensive, obscene, or harmful content.”

Apple also said that Counter Current has a “zero-tolerance” policy for hate speech, saying, “the company does not tolerate hate speech and is committed to combating hate speech.”

Apple has been vocal about its commitment to diversity in tech, with the company recently sponsoring a conference called “The New Digital Age,” which featured talks on “what

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