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The digital economy at Harvard Business Schools is increasingly being used by students and professors, but many are concerned about the implications for academic freedom.

Key points:The digital economy is becoming more and more important for the academic publishing industry, with new academic publishing platforms such as Udacity and BookScan emergingThe Harvard Business schools first venture into this space is ‘The Digital Economy’A key part of the digital economy has been the development of online publishing platforms.

These allow students and faculty to publish their papers online, using online platforms such the BookScan platform.

“I think there is a great amount of enthusiasm around the concept of the [digital economy],” Associate Professor and Dean of Business Studies Jonathan Lohr said.

“It’s a big, exciting opportunity for our community.”

The digital world has always been a key part, and it’s only going to get bigger, Professor Lohrd said.

The digital landscape is changing quickly and that means that there’s a need for more regulation and more monitoring of academic freedom, he said.

He said he and other students and academics felt that the Harvard Business school was being overly protective.

“We’ve seen the academic community as an independent, self-regulating body, but the Harvard BBS is becoming a hub of some sort of digital economy,” Professor Loughr said, referring to the university’s digital publishing platform.”[It] seems to be the future of academic publishing.”

But some are concerned that there are risks to academic freedom that could be exacerbated by the digital world.

“There’s a great deal of concern about what’s going to happen when it comes to the use of digital platforms,” Associate Professor Luhr said of the Harvard Digital Economy.

“The internet is becoming increasingly important for scholarly publishing.”

Professor Lohrs research focuses on how digital technologies have changed the academic world.

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