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The rise of streaming music services is going to impact the way publishers publish music.

And the industry’s future depends on it.

But the companies that are most likely to benefit from the change are already there.

In addition to the giants that own and operate most of the major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Rdio, there are several smaller players.

Those that are less well-known but have some very strong revenue streams are also poised to benefit.

Here are the five biggest names that have made the biggest splash in the streaming music world:As of late August, Spotify was up more than 70% in market value.

Apple Music was up about 10%.

Rdio had a bigger jump of more than 100%.

Apple Music is owned by Apple, which is a significant contributor to revenue.

But the majority of revenue comes from royalties.

In the past, major music publishers have focused on building their catalogs.

They’ve hired top talent to create music for their albums, and they’ve promoted and promoted their music to their loyal fans.

Now, with the proliferation of streaming services, that strategy is going away.

The streaming platforms are bringing in a much bigger percentage of revenue from royalties, which means the major labels and some of the smaller music publishers will need to shift to better serving their audience.

Here’s a look at how the five major music publishing giants are looking at streaming services.

In a conference call with analysts in August, Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos revealed the company’s plan to “go mobile” to expand its streaming service.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos speaks during a conference at the Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, September 29, 2017.

In October, Spotify’s revenue increased by 50% over the year.

It was up 30% on revenue in the prior quarter.

But this quarter, the company is down by about 30% compared to the same quarter last year.

Amazon’s revenues will fall this year as it moves to monetize streaming more effectively.

The big question that has been raised is how this new business model will affect the other publishers.

While Amazon’s streaming service has a clear and obvious revenue model, it doesn’t have a clear revenue model that reflects the costs of producing music.

Amazon’s streaming platform has some very clear revenue models.

It is a subscription-based business model.

Spotify’s model is subscription-only, and Amazon is going into the business of creating and distributing music.

That is, Amazon is creating a service that lets people pay for streaming music, and then it lets people listen to music without paying for the subscription.

The major labels want to keep their artists in their catalog, so they have to put up with Spotify’s pricing.

They also have to make their music available on Spotify, which makes the whole experience much more expensive for artists.

The labels are looking to make up for that by selling music on other platforms.

But Spotify is going mobile, which will require a major shift in the way music is produced.

Amazon says that its new revenue model will allow the company to produce music for less money than it would have previously.

That means artists will be able to make more money in the future, but also that Amazon will have to charge more for music that is not necessarily available through other services.

So, if the major publishers are concerned about the future of their music business, they will have the option of selling their music through Spotify, or they could make music available through Apple Music.

If Amazon’s music business continues to grow, then it will be difficult for major publishers to survive without Spotify.

And it will likely take some time for the major music labels to adjust.

For now, however, Spotify will have a major impact on the way we consume music.

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