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The BMI Publishing Group (BMI) is owned by the company’s founder, Bini Kriyanov.

The group was founded in 2012 by a group of Russian men, including a Russian-born investor and an American man.

The BMP group publishes a wide variety of journals, including science, medical, and business-related articles.

BMP also owns and operates a large number of publications in English and German.

The Russian government is also one of the major purchasers of BMP publications.

According to the BMP’s website, it has a market capitalization of around $5.5 billion.

BMI publishes its own versions of its publications in Russian, French, and Italian.

In 2018, BMI was purchased by a company called Soteria Publishing.

According of its website, the publishing company was founded by a Ukrainian businessman and his wife, as well as a Russian citizen.

Sotiera Publishing is based in Germany and publishes a range of journals.

The publisher of the company is the company Soteri Media, which has been owned by an American billionaire named George Soros, who has a personal stake in the company.

According a press release from Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the company received a $30 million investment from Soros in 2017.

The Soros-owned Sotira Media was founded as an outlet for the Russian state.

The company has a business model similar to the way that other publishers are set up.

In an article published on its website in 2018, the publisher stated that “the majority of our work is published through our partners and partners in other countries and the publisher of our own works are established in other jurisdictions.”

In addition to publishing through a number of publishers, the Sotia Media has partnered with several other Russian media outlets, including Ekho Moskvy, Russia Today, Sputnik News, and Komsomolskaya Pravda.

According the publisher’s website: The publishing company Sota Media publishes a number not only in Russian but in several languages.

The publishing of our works is managed by a team of writers and publishers who are all from different regions of the world.

Our publishing partners in Europe include RT, RT America, RT Russia, and others.

We are also active in the United States.

For example, we published a collection of articles from the Russian journal Vedomosti called ‘Russian Dossier’ in 2017 and 2018.

We also publish an English-language edition of the journal ‘International Journal of Science and Technology’ in 2018.

In 2019, Sota Publishing bought a publishing company called RIA Media Group, which was later acquired by the German company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zeitung.

In 2021, the group bought another publishing company, Dreyer Media, in a deal worth around $25 million.

Dreyers publication is published in English, German, and Russian.

In 2022, Sotaria Publishing was acquired by Russian publisher

The following year, the publishers published two different publications in French.

According its website: We have an extensive network of publishers and authors who publish their works in English in Germany, in France, and in several other countries.

The publication of our journals and publications in other languages is managed through a team, consisting of five of our writers and editors, which are all experts in their field.

They also receive financial support from our partners, which include Deutsche Gesellchaft, RT, and the Russian State.

The publishers of our publications in Russia are managed by our partners in France and in other regions of Europe.

They receive financial backing from the State.

Sota is a publishing house that was founded on June 17, 1994.

Since then, the business has grown to a large group of publishers that have been operating for a long time.

According an interview conducted by Forbes in 2018: The founding of the publishing house was an opportunity to create an imprint that could grow its business to the level of a global organization, according to CEO Mikhail Sotaryov.

It was also a way for the business to develop the business model of the organization and improve the quality of its output.

A few years later, Soterianov left the company, but he remains a member of the board.

At the time, the owner of the publication company, Sergey Yablonsky, had a stake of 4.5 percent.

The business of the Russian publishing house is a huge one.

The majority of its content is in Russian.

The main objective of the publisher is to produce high quality content and to be the publisher for a large range of disciplines, according Sergey Yablonky.

According Yablonky, the objective is to create a publishing empire that can be a worldwide publisher.

A number of other publications were founded by Sotera Publishing.

In 2016, the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta acquired a publishing business called Ekho Mehta.

According Ekho, the name of the new publication is “Vesti Vedomaidaya

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