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By Yaron HaleviThe Washington Post–November 18, 2019–By Yaron, a Jerusalem-based freelance writer.

(Photo: Yaron)The Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as described in Israel’s books of state, is over.

But it is a matter of political perception.

And it has not been clear that the Trump White House will be able to maintain the fiction that it can maintain peace with its adversaries while maintaining a policy of containment.

On Tuesday, the president will deliver a speech to Congress that will outline a new plan to rebuild ties between Washington and Jerusalem, a policy that he will likely adopt even before he takes office.

He will make clear that he sees the conflict as the last vestige of an earlier era when the U.S. was viewed as the greatest military power in the world and Israel as a “puppet of the Kremlin.”

The president’s speech will also address the ongoing dispute over Jerusalem.

The question is whether the president intends to take the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seriously enough to put it on a path to negotiation, and whether he will continue the policies that have been pursued to the bitter end.

In his speech, Trump will argue that the settlements are “unacceptable” and that a peace deal should be reached with the Palestinians, despite the current diplomatic stalemate.

He also will insist that the U., the U.-S., and Israel should “stay focused on peace,” even if that means ending the peace process.

But this will not be the end of the story.

While Trump’s speech may sound like a victory lap, it is far from clear that Trump will be successful in achieving his stated goal of ending the conflict.

The president has made clear that a two-state solution is his ultimate goal, and he will seek to achieve it through negotiations and concessions.

But his policies toward the Palestinians may not go far enough.

Trump will likely pursue an aggressive policy toward the settlements.

This policy would have devastating consequences for the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

It would be a direct attack on the Israeli people and their right to self-determination.

Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem would continue unabated.

It is no accident that Israel, which has an overwhelming majority in the Israeli Parliament, has used its veto power to thwart a number of peace efforts, including the last round of peace talks in 2014.

As long as Trump is president, the United States will continue to live with the consequences of a policy designed by his predecessor, Barack Obama, to prevent the Palestinians from gaining statehood.

But the U-S.

is unlikely to act to change that course unless the Trump Administration and Congress act to end this dangerous and destabilizing policy.

Trump’s speech to the United Nations is likely to be the last straw for Palestinians.

This week, the Uphold Coalition for Palestinian Rights and Development released a statement saying that the “United States and its allies should end its role as a mediator in the peace negotiations.”

The statement says that the current Palestinian leadership is not prepared to negotiate in good faith with the United State and the international community.

It argues that the Palestinian leadership has been trying to negotiate for the past decade, but is being sidelined by the current administration.

It says that this is because Trump, who is a “political opportunist,” wants to see an agreement to end the conflict with the U -S.

This has led to a lack of respect for the Palestinians in Washington.

In its statement, the coalition called on Trump to stop supporting the settlement movement and the current leadership.

The coalition urged the U, the Israeli, and the U Congress to stop rewarding Israel with preferential access to the U and to demand that Israel cease settlement construction in the Westbank and East.

It says that it will continue working with the administration to pressure Israel to make its peace terms more acceptable to the Palestinians and its Arab neighbors.

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, U.N. Special Rapporteur on the human rights of Palestinians, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, said that the settlement issue is a critical issue that requires attention.

“We are not going to take a position on settlement construction until it is completely halted,” he said.

“I have not seen a Palestinian negotiating team with the right to negotiate.

This is a crucial issue that cannot be ignored.

And I hope the American administration and the Congress will do what they can to get the parties on the table to resolve this issue.”

Trump’s address to Congress will likely be a major event in the United Kingdom’s recent political upheaval.

The House of Commons on Tuesday voted to oust the prime minister from office over the government’s decision to cut funding to the Prime Minister’s Fund, which provides assistance to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The vote came despite Prime Minister Theresa May’s assurances that the government would continue to provide funding to support the Palestinians’ struggle for statehood, despite a recent UN report that stated that the Palestinians are the only Palestinian people facing a “per

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