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Soul Publishing, a new publishing company founded by acclaimed American poet Alfred Rosenberg and poet laureate and literary critic Charles Bukowski, has been announced as a new publisher.

The company has been working on a book collection since the late 1980s and is the first to release the title to the general public.

Rosenberg and Bukowski are among the few poets who have been associated with soul publishing, a movement that has been in the works for decades.

Their work, including their poetry collection, The Soul of a Young Man, was collected into one volume in 1996, and the collection has been a source of inspiration for some artists and writers.

The first volume of The Soul Of a Young Woman, published in 2006, was also an inspiration for the publishing company, which is headquartered in Brooklyn.

The Soul Publishing book collection will be available in both paperback and ebook formats, with the title released later this year.

The book was first published in the United States in 1987, and was translated into more than a dozen languages.

The title of the new collection is “The Art of the Soul,” which is inspired by the lives of three of the most prominent figures in soul publishing: Bukowski and Rosenberg, the late poet laureate Alice Walker and the late author David Foster Wallace.

The new title will be named for the collection’s title.

Rosenberg, who died in January, was a founding member of the group The New Black Panther Party, and Bukowsky was a leading member of Black Liberation Army.

The group was a revolutionary force in the Black liberation movement, but was ultimately dismantled in 1967 by a white supremacist mob.

The name “The Soul of A Young Man” reflects that of Bukowski’s autobiography, The Life of an American Black Man, which was published in 1992.

The collection includes poetry and prose, essays, photographs, interviews and more.

Rosenberg is survived by his wife, Ruth Rosenberg, and their three children.

The publishers of the collection, who have worked together on the book collection for decades, have not yet revealed the title of any of the titles in the collection.

The New York Times described the book as a collection of poems and essays that “explores the lives and times of the four great poets of our time, and includes their poetry as well as the work of their contemporaries and contemporary poets.”

The Soul Publishers is an imprint of S.E. Hite Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers Inc. The publisher’s press release said that it was a rare chance to collaborate with a great poet, and it is a testament to their love of the arts.

The release is available at the Soul Publishers website.

Rosenberg’s death marks the death of one of the leading figures in the emerging movement to make poetry available for the general population.

Bukowski is a prominent figure in contemporary art and culture, having won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993.

The writer and poet has been widely regarded as a figure who exemplifies the modern spirit of the artist, with his distinctive style of prose and his powerful, unmediated, poetic voice.

The American poet laureate is survived in the family by two children and two grandchildren.

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