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A new podcast format is making its way into the mainstream, and it’s not just because it’s free.

BMI Music Publishing, which started out as a subscription service that offers podcasts in its format, now has its own website, iTunes Store and podcast app.

The company’s website describes the service as “an alternative to iTunes and Apple Music,” but its podcast service is based on the same core principles as the popular streaming music service.

It’s the same format that has become synonymous with podcasts over the past few years, and the format has taken off like wildfire.

“I think that with the way podcasting has been evolving over the last couple of years, it’s become quite a niche.

People don’t know how to listen to podcasts, and they don’t really know how much they’re paying for them, and I think that’s why it’s taken off,” said Bmi CEO John S. Miller.

This new format has caught the attention of podcasters who want to explore a wider audience.

And because podcasts can be downloaded for free, podcasts are now becoming an alternative for listeners who don’t want to pay for music on a regular basis.

In February, a study from research firm TNS found that podcasts have been downloaded more than 6.3 million times on Apple’s App Store.

That’s more than double the amount of times that music was downloaded on Spotify.

The app’s popularity, though, is more likely driven by its ability to provide a more personalized experience.

For one thing, podcasts allow listeners to discover new artists and genres.

And with its new approach to podcasts — with its own iTunes Store, and an app that has been downloaded almost 100 million times — Bmi is aiming to capitalize on that.

Bmi Music Publishing’s podcast app is an extension of the service that lets users choose from genres like hip hop, jazz, rock and more.

It also lets users subscribe to podcasts by downloading an audio file.

While the service offers an audio feed, it doesn’t do so in a format that is designed for audiobooks, such as an MP3.

Instead, podcasts use the format as a way to make their podcasts available for streaming on other platforms.

When the app is downloaded, a short description pops up that describes the podcast.

The audio description, which is also a text-only description, explains how to subscribe to the podcast on various services, such the iTunes Store.

But instead of having a description, podcasts can use the podcast description to advertise the podcast and give away the podcast to their listeners.

Some podcasts also make their podcast descriptions available as downloadable audio files that can be used for offline listening.

For example, a podcast might have a short audio description that tells listeners to subscribe, but the podcasts can also give away a download link that lets listeners listen to the entire episode and download the entire podcast.BMI’s podcast service has been popular for a while.

In January, Spotify announced that it was buying the company for $3 billion, and by April, Spotify had made over $9 billion in investments.

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