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The best craft beer you’ll drink this weekend at your favourite venue.

(Mark Blinch/The Globe and Mail) Beer aficionados will find themselves having a field day on Sunday at The Great Hall at Budweiser Co-Op.

The brewery will have an annual celebration of its 150th anniversary at the venue, featuring a variety of food and drink specials.

A few taps of Budweisers on tap will be available for purchase, while some craft beers will be on the menu.

The Great House at Bud’s Co-op will also have some of the brewery’s best-known beers on tap.

“The best craft beers you’ll find at The Good House are the ones you’ll be drinking in the summer,” said Dan Tressel, president of the beer and wine program at the brewery.

“It’s a great place to hang out, have a drink, get creative and get a good buzz out of it.

The beer is always the key.”

Tressell said there’s also the chance for some great live music.

He also said the venue will have some new, exclusive beers on offer for sale.

“I’m excited about what’s coming up and what we’re going to be doing there this year,” he said.

“There’s no shortage of great beers that are coming out.”

A couple of the breweries that will be selling some of their best-loved brews include The Beer Factory at The Beer Store at The Greenhouse and The Bruery at Bruery.

All of those will be celebrating the occasion with special events including an outdoor party and a brewery tour.

For more information, visit Budweis, the Beer Store and The BeerFactory.

Beer afologists have been waiting for the best in craft beer for years, with the advent of online craft beer ordering platforms such as and Beer Advocate, which allow people to buy and sell their favourite craft beers on demand.

The first brewery in Canada to launch its own online ordering service was The Beer Warehouse, which opened in October 2012 in London, Ont.

The Beer Stores now have more than 1,200 beer stores across Canada.

“For us, it’s about putting beer in the hands of people who love it, rather than trying to convince them to try something new,” said Brian Gaudreau, chief marketing officer at The Bruker Brewery.

“People are very passionate about beer, and there’s no better way to bring people together than to offer them the best beer on the market.”

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