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The story of how ‘The Graduate’ became the biggest UK chart-topper in the history of the British music charts, with more than 20 million people tuning in to see who could take the title of song of the year title, has been told by a leading producer who worked on the film.

In a new interview with Variety, Oscar winner and producer Jonathan Ross discusses how ‘the Graduate’ went from a “bizarre” film in 2005 to a box office hit and why it’s worth remembering the original story behind the film’s title.

For the film, Ross played a character who was obsessed with finding his parents’ house, and in his mind, there was no one in the world that would love him more.

The film follows a group of people who work in a hospital who become obsessed with the ghost of a young girl who lives there, with the sole purpose of finding her parents and reuniting her with her mother.

When the story starts, the film has a plot that would seem to be a complete and utter nightmare.

The main character is obsessed with an innocent girl who doesn’t even know who her parents are.

The plot of ‘The Grad’ is one of the strangest in the genre, and it’s one that is often overlooked by fans.

Ross explains that the film wasn’t just a bad script or a bad screenplay, it was also about a completely unrealistic world where people couldn’t really have any control over how they would live their lives.

“It was all very well and good and normal,” he says.

“But in the film you see a world where the rules don’t apply and you can have the best of both worlds.

It’s a world of people where everyone has power and everyone can live their life however they want.”

You have people who are very much likeable, who are kind, who you could imagine being friends, but you don’t see any of that in the real world.

“I think it’s very important to remember the original version of the story that came out.

We all know what a terrible script can be, but the original film was so bad we had to think, what are we going to do?””

It’s very easy to write a story like that when you don.

We all know what a terrible script can be, but the original film was so bad we had to think, what are we going to do?”

That’s the reason why the movie didn’t go ahead, because we had no direction.

We were trying to write an incredible story, and we just couldn’t think of any other way to tell it.

“In the original script, the character was a teenager obsessed with his family and was trying to find them.

But he’s obsessed with a dead body in the hospital, and when he comes to his parents house, he discovers a ghost in the attic.

We had to write the ending like a novel. “

The idea was that you could control the situation, so you could choose the ending, and you could go to a hospital, you could find a dead child, you can bring back the family, but if you do anything you’re not going to like it,” he explains.

“We had to write the ending like a novel.

We could have just said ‘it’s over.’

But we wanted the audience to be in control of the ending.

And they did.

It was a huge success.”

Ross and Heyman worked on ‘The Man From UNCLE’ for a number of years before making ‘The Ghost in the Shell.’

They made it into a live-action film in 2004, and a sequel in 2006.

Ross and Heymann worked on all three of those films, with ‘The Dead End’ being the most popular of the three, earning them Oscars in 2008 for Best Picture.

The original script for ‘The Gifted’ had been rewritten several times and was a hit in 2003, but Ross was not satisfied with the film and the film was put on the backburner.

“I was in New York doing a film, and I was in LA doing a music video, and then I got a call from an agent, and they said, ‘We’re looking for somebody to direct ‘The Haunted,'” Ross says.

“And I was like, ‘I don’t want to do that!’.

It was all about the money.”

In 2007, Ross was approached by producers and producers approached him again.

This time, he accepted.

The film was released in 2009.

Ross and his wife, Holly, met producer/director John Singleton (of the ‘Hollywood Suite’ franchise) and worked with him on the script for the film in 2010.

The project took a different turn, with Ross writing the script in 2010 and then working with Singleton again on the screenplay for ‘Dunkirk.’

Ross says that he thought of ‘Dinkirk’ when he was working

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