-Alain Ginsberg

Newton’s First Law of Motion states
that an object in motion remains
in motion unless external forces are applied to it
otherwise known as “Inertia.”
This is easy to understand, but still
at the ballroom, it is


to ask girls who wear the bodies
I wish I was wearing to dance.
A stranger, your friends, or mine
will mistake women for me, only
to tell me this after they realize their bodies,
their facts, their truths, are “real women.”
There has always been something

for me

about losing myself as long as I am in motion,
but it is still


to ask girls who
are the girls I wish I was
perceived to be to dance.
Swing dancing relies on Newton’s 1st,
it is a momentum machine, requires you
to be object in motion always,
you cannot lie about your objectives
so when I hold the bodies of these girls,
dressed in effortless truths, it’s my husk,
my empties, my liars object that becomes
the external forces stopping it all,
so I end up having a difficult time
with inertia as well, but then again
I’ve never had it easy doing anything
straight and narrow.

Inertia is Latin, it comes from the words
“Idleness, unskillfullness”
which means this husk has always been an unwieldy mass
this body has always been rough rocks too rough
to become skipping stones
wears erosion // abrasion
wind and wind
is both monster
and bed
and yet I still sleep and

people tell me I dance like a sailor,
like a sailor who has never learned
to stand at sea, never learned to
be in motion, and not an object,

so I have

a difficult time

myself through the currents as well.